How to Cancel Walmart Credit Card Through Phone Number And Application

Are you an old customer of Walmart credit card or you don’t want to use the Walmart credit card just because didn’t like this card. So you are at right place to know how you can cancel Walmart credit card. Well, first of all, I want to tell you that if you have a Walmart credit card then you don’t need to cancel it. Keep it in your locker it can give you many advantages. If you don’t like this credit card then I think you are not familiar with the advantages of Walmart credit card you need to read my previous article.

Hardly there will be just a few people who don’t want to use Walmart card. Majority of American give the priority of the Walmart card because it has many many advantages such as discounts and money saving offers. Here is the detailed article on Walmart credit card coupon you need to read this.

Walmart is the growing company that you can check it on their official website or at Wikipedia.¬† It has lots of branches that are fully operational in 23 countries. You can read the details about Walmart in details just visit here the main article. Having the lots of branches, e-commerce service and benefits for the regular Walmart customer how someone can dislike the Walmart cards. Well, it is weird to me and all other regular Walmart shoppers. But anyhow it totally depends on someone’s personal interest and I should not talk about this topic more.

cancel walmart credit card

So coming back to the topic and read how to cancel the Walmart credit card.

How to Cancel Walmart Credit Card And Walmart Master Card?

Walmart MasterCard is another card that has been launched from Walmart. You can read it about visiting here. So, how you people can cancel the Walmart credit card and Walmart master card? Let me tell you there are 2 proper and immediate ways to cancel both cards. The first one is by calling on Walmart credit card customer support or by visiting the Walmart center.

Easy Method Cancel Walmart Credit Card Phone Numbers

To cancel the Walmart credit card you need to to make the call at the walmrt support center. Walmart representative is available 24 hours to assist you guys. You just have to dial the support number. Here is the support number 1-877-294-7880.

When you will dial the phone number, and ask the Walmart representative to cancel Walmart credit card. The representative will ask the reason of you that why you want to cancel the Walmart credit card. You just need to tell him the reason for card cancellation. It’s just a formality for you. After that he will ask your name and card details such as card number, tell him correctly and within few seconds your card will be disabled.

Cancel Walmart Credit Card Thorugh Application

You need to submit an application at Walmart Supercenter and which you can submit through the email address and you can also submit the Walmart credit card cancellation application by visiting the Walmart superstore. Don’t forget to fill the application form with your real name and credit card numbers and also define the reason of card cancellation.


Well, these were the two simple and easiest method to cancel the Walmart credit card. If you want to ask anything you can drop your question in the comment section.

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