How to Cancel Walmart Credit Card via Phone Number And Application

By | February 20, 2019

Hardly there will be just a few people who don’t want to use Walmart card. Majority of American give the priority of the Walmart card because it has many many advantages such as discounts and money-saving offers. Here is the detailed article on Walmart credit card coupon you need to read this.

Walmart is the growing company that you can check it on their official website or at Wikipedia.  It has lots of branches that are fully operational in 23 countries. You can read the details about Walmart in details just visit here the main article. Having lots of branches, e-commerce service and benefits for the regular Walmart customer how someone can dislike the Walmart cards. Well, it is weird to me and all other regular Walmart shoppers. But anyhow it totally depends on someone’s personal interest and I should not talk about this topic more.

cancel walmart credit card

So coming back to the topic and read how to cancel the Walmart credit card.

Cancel Walmart Credit Card – Action

We all know that Walmart is the largest retail chain on the planet and it always manages to a high standard in its services. To further its services, Walmart began offering two types of cards to its valued shoppers. These cards are Walmart Master Card and Walmart Credit Card. Walmart offers its cardholders a different advantage from time to time on their e-commerce resources such as Walmart’s official website,

Rarely do some Walmart customers dislike its credit card service, otherwise, every regular customer at Walmart stores or online websites likes it. But that mostly depends on everyone’s interest in Walmart credit cards. So if you hate Walmart credit card and want to cancel it, here we are giving you instructions for canceling your Walmart credit card. There are four easy ways to cancel your Walmart credit card, please see them.

Here we provide few methods to describe to cancel Walmart credit card.

  • Cancel by calling the customer service helpline
  • Cancel by sending mail
  • Canceled at Walmart stores
  • Cancel online
Cancel Walmart Credit Card

1. Cancel Walmart credit card by calling the Customer Service Helpline

These are instructions for canceling your Walmart Credit Card on a phone call.

  • To cancel your Walmart credit card, you must first dial 1-877-249-7888.
  • This is Walmart’s official customer support helpline number. Customer support is always available 24× 7 in 365 days.
  • You can follow the instructions to cancel your credit card by entering all the instructions recommended by the computer.
  • If you have a question about canceling your credit card, you can talk to ‘Walmart Customer Service Executive’ by pressing ‘0’.
  • You can also ask the customer service executive to cancel your Walmart credit card, and then they will ask you about your personal information such as name, Walmart account details, etc.
  • After verification, they will cancel your Walmart credit card and tell you everything about it.

2. Cancel by Sending Mail

  • This is a long way to cancel your Walmart Credit Card, but it is also the most authentic way to do it.
  • Then take a look at the Walmart credit card cancellation process.
  • To follow this method, you must write less for a valid reason to cancel Walmart customer service.
  • Also, remember to mention all your personal information in the app while applying for Walmart Credit Card.
  • Also, be sure to attach your new billing details to the letter.
  • They will soon receive your letter, they will verify all your information and details, match your application details and after all the investigations, they will cancel your Walmart Credit Card.
  • This process may take a little longer than you expected.

3. Canceled on Walmart Stores

  • The most reliable way to cancel your Walmart credit card is to cancel it on any Walmart Superstore.
  • To do this, you only need to go to any nearby Walmart store and ask your Walmart representative to cancel your Walmart credit card.
  • They will give you an application. Fill out the form with all the correct information and submit.
  • After confirming all the important details, Walmart’s representative will cancel your Walmart credit card and tell you all about it.

4.Cancellation Online

  • If you do not want to do all of these above efforts, you can also cancel your Walmart Credit Card ‘Online’.
  • To take advantage of this feature, you only need to go to Walmart’s official website and sign in to your Walmart Credit Card account.
  • After logging in, follow the instructions given to cancel your credit card and cancel it easily.


If you have a Walmart credit card, we would recommend canceling it. Keep it in your locker because at that time you provide many benefits like discounts, cashback, coupon discounts, saving money, and it also works on various roads outside Walmart Associate.

  • To stop any additional charge on your Walmart Credit Card from any authorized user of your card, collect them all and ask Walmart to cancel them all.
  • Occasionally your Walmart Credit Card or Walmart Master can have a negative impact on your credit history. It depends largely on how much your card is of ownership.
  • Sometimes a verification letter will be sent to you through your Walmart customer service for your valuable feedback.
  • Occasionally you can get phone calls related to cancellation verification and take your valuable feedback.


Well, these were the two simple and easiest methods to cancel the Walmart credit card. If you want to ask anything you can drop your question in the comment section.

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