Best Free Cloud Storage In All World 2019 [Latest]

hello Guys, Here I will provide you information about Best Free Cloud Storage. You all know about Cloud Storage, How much help us to store our importance file, photos, videos, and very secure documents for free to use.

What Is Cloud Storage?

First of all, you have to know “What Is Cloud Storage?”. I write below and explained about Cloud Storage. Lets’ go.

Traditional ways of storing data such as hard drives and pen drives or any other storage device include many benefits. But after the storage device is degraded, all the data stored will be lost.

Therefore virtual cloud storage is a replication of traditional storage devices, where users can store their data and keep backup files on hardware and USB flash drives.

Best free cloud storage

When it comes to switching to new software or technologies in the IT sector, it is always stressed because it hires more employees, but due to the best free cloud storage available, the investment in the IT sector is comparable Is less than.

The members of the best free cloud storage club have introduced many free plans to make their search easier for businesses free of charge.

List of Top Best Free Cloud Storage Available in 2019

Many free cloud storage options are available these days. This cloud storage is easy to use and provides up to 50GB of free storage space. These storage solutions can be used for personal and commercial storage.

You have to know some basic knowledge about this free cloud storage and choose the most suitable. Here we bring a list of the best free cloud storage, let’s dive deeper to learn more about this cloud storage solution.


1. Google Drive:-

As we know that all online storage works the way we use a file, store it on the web and sync it to my computer. But there are many persistent features in Google Drive which make it special in all other cloud storage as it privately stores personalized content of users, and in addition, Google Free Cloud Storage provides 15GB of free storage and is the best One of the cloud storage is.

Google Drive offline services help your users see all the files and photos that are bad online, while there is also a bad network service. Scanning documents by document scans have become very easy and the rest work is done by a drive like to store in a PDF drive.

Google Free Cloud Storage is integrated with all other Google services, it is considered the best.


2.Media Fire:

Media fire is easy to use and is one of the best free cloud storage used to store online documents and photos. The initial storage of Media Fire is 10GB, but the special feature is that free storage can be increased to 50 GB. This cloud storage has many features that make files easy to handle.

Media Fire made it possible to upload multiple files simultaneously from any browser, which is a unique feature and makes it different from others. It’s easy to organize files in the Media Manager’s file manager. Looking for something that provides full personalized document features?

Media Fire is here to make your search easier because it helps users send documents with a unique and free link that enables recipients to share it.



Skype is a new name in the top free cloud storage solutions. Skyward Cloud Storage provides up to 20 GB of free storage. It’s easy for you to back up your data and files.

It offers a wide range of cloud storage applications for different platforms, so you can use EasyDrive Cloud Storage anywhere and at any time. Its revolutionary desktop software lets you easily access and manage cloud storage space so that your system has a physical hard disk.

Through its 20 GB free flash storage, it is ranked in the most popular free cloud storage in 2019 and attracts a large number of users across the Cedarwidge.

If you are looking for an excellent backup option, you should definitely sign up at because you provide the best storage options with many security features.

There is also other great free cloud storage available. offers up to 5GB of free storage. Backing up files with has become very easy when users have used something better than the Sync folder because research on the web panel provides incredible features.

The best feature on is to restore lost files and thus prevent users from regrets for the most important documents.

Get Free Space Facility which is the best feature of If a user wants to get a little more space for files and photos, tell a friend what to do and get a free gigabyte with that user who has signed up for sync, which recommends others.

Sync Vault is a feature that helps users save a special storage space called Walt in a special storage space, which is different from the sync folder and only one file to select and select the copy-to-Walt option. the wanted. And back up your important data.


Mega cloud storage is a huge storage space similar to Dropbox storage, but the difference between the two is the amount of space provided by cloud storage. 50GB free space is available for mega cloud storage users.

It is possible for mega cloud storage users to download many files in a zip file and upload files through a mobile app.

It’s popular free cloud storage that is available for 50 GB of unexpected storage and attracts a large number of users in mega cloud storage.

Users who are searching for excellent backup file options must definitely sign mega cloud storage because they provide only the best storage, but also with many security features.


This is a powerful and innovative free cloud storage compared to other great cloud storage. In Dropbox, any kind of small PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos or other big CAD files can be kept securely.

Dropbox helps users access files and documents in any dropbox from any device that provides easy synchronization.

Dropbox provides free storage with many features which are extremely useful. One of the supporting features is that the user can remove the documents from the device and remove all the files and documents in the missing device by removing the remote wipe.

Dropbox provides free storage with good storage space (2 GB), which is free but if more space is required for users, then there are several schemes that can help in achieving the desired storage of their choice.


pCloud is one of the best free cloud storage options that provide 2TB storage and its unlimited remote upload traffic makes it unique. It provides free storage up to 10GB in its original accounts.

Changing the size of privacy without the help of software is now easy with MyPCloud, which provides several options for resizing for its users.

Collection features that provide climax, are amazed because those files can be stored with the collection option created. There is an option in PCloud Drive which helps.

8. OneDrive

It is possible to make documents and access files accessible within the top free cloud storage solutions like Microsoft OneDrive. Signing up with Microsoft can help keep users in one place. Earlier it used to give 15 GB free space to the users, but now it has reduced to 10 GB.

It can be accessed from any device at any time but it comes pre-installed in Windows. This is considered the second most demanding store among cloud storage professionals after the Dropbox storage cloud.

The main disadvantage of Outlook was that due to the number of steps involved, the user was involved in frustration to save the attachment, but now it has become easier for those businesses to choose email attachments and save them in folders. Now it’s easy to create Excel surveys and save to OneDrive.

9. Icon

Apple Ecochod is the best free cloud storage for Apple users. Initially, it provides 5 GB of free storage to users. All documents and files can be safely stored and easy to use.

Users of Apple iCloud can easily share photos and videos with their family members. It’s easy to organize files and folders with Apple Icod. Apple sent iCloud messages and sent automatically and saved them. Users can also start a conversation which they have already stopped.

10. Next

Next cloud is one of the best free cloud storage that helps in data protection and has many attractive features that appeal to users. It provides an outstanding backup feature that helps users track all the data even after losing the device.

The next cloud provides two-factor authentication for its users, which, in return, provides additional protection against account usage.

11. Amazon Drive

This is the best free cloud storage available to help users save photos and files safely. This cloud storage has many features that make files easy to handle.

Maintaining a complete workflow means sharing photos, videos, and documents are now easier with the powerful features of Amazon Drive. It offers 24 * 7 support and 5 GB free storage after signing up.

Last word

Since it is about getting the Best Free Cloud Storage, it is very important to understand the features that make The best cloud storage. There are many cloud storage providers that not only give you free cloud storage but also many other features.

There is some in the market that provides only the best user experience and amazing features, but help users enjoy free services after signup. But the above-mentioned cloud storage is also valuable for signing up because it comes with all the unique features and free Cloud storage facilities.

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